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    Holly Stage: Home Sweat Home

    It all started one day when my boyfriend of two years, Louis, casually said, Holl, instead of renting, why don't we buy a house? We had been neighbors for the past couple of years (actually, that's how we met). And were planning on moving in together in the next couple of months. [...]

    Holly Stage: When the past makes contact

    About a year ago I received a letter in the mail, from a woman I had never met before, but changed my life forever. The letter was from a woman claiming to be my birth mother. Now, being adopted, I really never expected her to come looking for me. I had always envisioned I would be the [...]

    David Badurina: Personality Tests...
    Personality Tests and a Side Order of Jalapeno Poppers [...]

    David Badurina: Hum me a happy song...

    Took a little vacation last issue from Scowlzine, of course I pretty much had to with everything that's going on. First and foremost. Moving.

    Moving is strange. It's like that kind of ritual that's both exciting and completely frightening at the same time. This move is making [...]

    David Badurina: Returning to my roots...

    So here I sit, ready to write away.

    Avery told us all to get our groove goin', beings that this issue is going to be a big one. So...shit...where'd I put that groove.

    AHA! There it is. Wow, haven't seen it in awhile. Anyway, I guess I need to sort of test the waters [...]

    David Badurina: A Sobering Television Moment
    I grew up today.

    I was driving to work and I heard this song. It's by a group named Filter and it's called, "Hey man, nice shot". Kick-ass song, really I've heard it many times and like it quite a bit as it's pretty raw sounding and is just basically nifty.

    The song is about a man [...]

    David Badurina: Call me Binks. Jar Jar Binks.
    Meesa Darwin Binks.

    Oh you movie buffs need not deny it, you know exactly who that previous reference is to. Satan incarnate of all moviedom, the hideous and lame character known as Jar-Jar Binks of The Phantom Menace.

    This movie, The Phantom Menace, honestly isn't the worst of all [...]

    David Badurina: A Television Induced Daydream
    I think I'm going to change my name to Darwino Shumway. I've been daydreaming lately, actually reminiscing would be more accurate. I'm 24, and basically grew up watching TV, as most my age have, I gather. I miss the glory days -- the glory days of daytime sitcom television and fantastic cartoons. [...]

    David Badurina: TV News
    I think this whole thing started during the O.J. trial.


    David Badurina: New! From the creators of Sim City...

    I was thinking recently (I know, it IS amazing). Basically, I'm fairly addicted to specific computer games. I think all of us at one point or another go through the addiction where you start seeing the game when your eyes close, or you hear a particular sound while eating your lunch or [...]

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