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    ScowlZine Version 2 Released
    Posted under From the Editor by Avery Glasser ( on Sunday November 26 2000 @ 08:46PM CET
    So, here it is. ScowlZine Version 2.

    Some new things to notice...
    First off, there is a link on the header section for "submit". You can click this link to submit to the harsh criticism of the Editorial Board. Yep - it's true, any reader can now submit new articles to ScowlZine. However, don't expect that every article will be accepted for publicaton. This is still an edited e-zine ya know :)

    On the left hand side, you'll now see new controls - including a polling section where we'll be posing questions to you, our readers. This issue, our question is about the new layout of ScowlZine.

    Last off, after every article, we now allow you to leave comments. Use this to create message threads, to banter with the writers or whatever. If you use it, the feature stays. Otherwise, it goes away. Your call.

    Anyway, enjoy the site. Email me if there are any questions/problems with any articles and we'll see you in three weeks for the next issue.

    -- Avery

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