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    Dupont, Belgium
    Posted under The New England Beer Reviews by Avery Glasser ( on Monday July 02 2001 @ 08:33PM CEST

    Wallonia, Belgium

    Sighted at: d.b.a, NYC - Available throughout CT through Fordham Distrobutors

    Dupont, one of the last Saison farmhouse-style breweries left in Belgium makes the venerable Saison Dupont, as well as Moinette and Bon Voeux - the brewery's gift to their patrons.

    Bon Voeux

    One of the fantastic winter beers of Belgium - this beer is a cloudy gold with a nice and mildly spicy nose. When it it is first tasted, you taste spices ranging from nutmeg to black pepper followed by a nice strong bready yeasty quality. As typical with Belgian winter beers, the spiciness is immediately followed by a sugar sweetness and then supplanted by the strong sour yeast taste that defines all Belgian beers.

    A definite beer to search out, and one that will age for a number of years if stored properly.
    (Avery Glasser)

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