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    The election's over... what are you planning on doing?
    I'm going to Disneyland!
    Crying in my beer for the next four years
    Pissing and Moaning... just pissing and moaning
    Hell, what's the problem, pardner?
    Be vewwy vewwy quiet... I'm hunting Naders...
    Screw it, I'm moving to Canada.
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    Bruce Alexander: Modern Apizza, New Haven CT

    The wooden booths easily seat six (if there's eight make them very good friends) at New Haven's Modern Apizza on State Street right off I-91's Exit Four.

    Crowded booths are de rigeur here: families, college people, couples and all manner of locals. Yankee baseball caps abound: they [...]

    Bruce Alexander: Bruce's First Trip to the Sub-Continent
    We see the starving amputee begging, the little bugger is no more than 5 years old, and he's got the runny nose, the scabby hands, and the filthy wardrobe. So, an eight course dinner later that night, well it does seem excessive. [...]

    Bruce Alexander: Wooster Street, New Haven CT

    Defiance of Conventional Wisdom drove us that day, my friends. Raw defiance. Rebellion, pure and simple. Hmmnn. Or was it? Could it have been old fashioned naked lust for great pizza, in triplicate?

    The Question: Is there a Top Pie on Wooster Street, and if so, is it Pepe's [...]

    Bruce Alexander: ConnectiCrust: LaPizza Belt
    In 1889 Rafe brought queen Marg
    Her first Pie...

    Bruce Alexander: Pepe's Revisited
    Scowl's Pie Guy in the Temple of All Time Great Pizza. 'Loves it', he says. Yet, 'He's had better' [...]

    Bruce Alexander: Being Republican Once Meant Burgers
    Our ConnectiCrust columnist waxes political on this election's eve... [...]

    Bruce Alexander: Burbs To Get Big City Pie

    When Luna Pizza moved from Hartford's South End to the center of West Hartford, some serious pie lovers east of the Connecticut River were angry and felt betrayed. I of course boycotted the West Hartford place for nearly a year. After all, it did not have the wood fired oven like the original [...]

    Bruce Alexander: Raquel's Pizza Guy Nails L.A

    Hollywood. Raquel Welsh. Great Pizza. They say it in the same breath!!

    If you can imagine that.

    A New York hustler moved to Beverly Hills with the message: "I got duh New Yawk Pizza",--which is nuh'fin' dey ain't heard befo'!

    Of course: Ya need [...]

    Bruce Alexander: DaVinci's Masterpizza, Manchester, CT

    Its a tough mill town with its very own Wooster Street Pizza (see #13 issue of ScowlZine), a take-out joint called the Pizza Police, seven and one-half Yellow Page listings and ads and now Manchester further advances its name on its pizza scene with [...]

    Bruce Alexander: Randy's Wooster Street Pizza, Manchester, CT

    Most pizza makers who set up in malls are suspected of committing Pizza Crime in the name of capitalism. Suspected but never charged. Such brazen criminal acts go on daily all over America, with unsuspecting louts chewing down the stuff while mindlessly talking about last night's TV shows. [...]

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