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    Blackstone Vineyards
    Posted under The Ghetto Wine Reviews by Nick Conti ( on Saturday November 18 2000 @ 06:17PM CET

    Blackstone 1997 Cabernet, approximately $11.00/bottle.

    Some of you out there in cyberland are familiar with this gem of a winery. Everything they make is balanced and delicious. Not to mention an outstanding value. Well, they have done it again with the 1997 Cabernet (just released). It has rich supple fruit surrounded by an elegant creaminess. Bursting with caramel, cinnamon, black spicy something I can't identify, cherries and vanilla. Sounds like a sundae, huh? Don't get me wrong this is not sweet, it is dry with a firm tannic backbone. A well structured red that finishes smooth and long. This wine is something to be excited about! Cheers!

    Nick Conti

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