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    North East Brewing Company, MA
    Posted under The New England Beer Reviews by Avery Glasser ( on Monday July 02 2001 @ 08:47PM CEST

    North East Brewing Company
    Allston, MA

    Lobsterback IPA
    Possibly the nicest surprise of all the festival: an IPA that a hop-lover like me could really sink his (or her) teeth into! The first sensory contact that I made was the color. It is a dark amber, which is atypical for west-coast IPAs, but not completely out of the norms for the style. The nose was both hoppy and buttery at the same time... similar to Stone Brewing's Arrogant Bastard Ale, but not as strongly scented.

    As with most beer festival beers, it was served way too cold, so I had to let it warm up before the hop flavor was released. The reward for my patience paid off, and I was treated to a fantastic local IPA, filled with a hoppy-bitterness that was reminiscent of Anderson Valley's award winning Hop Ottin IPA. A beer definitely worth seeking out if you like IPAs.
    Technical Specs: OG = 13 degrees plato, IBUs = 60

    Naughty Monkey Abbey Ale
    Abbey style ales like similar to what Naughty Monkey is styled after tend to be pale colored, ranging from a hazy yellow (Duvel) to a nice caramel (Orval), so when Janet brought over her sample of the Naughty Monkey, I was taken aback to see a singel/single Abbey ale that was so dark. Still, color aesthetics not withstanding, the flavor is a dead ringer for a true Belgian Abbey-style ale. The nose has that traditional candied sugar scent, and the flavor tastes of wild yeast flavor that distracts you from the malt and sugar sweetness.

    Not for a beginner, this beer packs a wallop, and the sugar content ensures a horrible hangover if you overindulge in it. but lovers of Belgian beers should give this one a try. (Avery Glasser)

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