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    Jim Covaleski: Some Dim Sum for the Holidays
    First off, let me start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I hope all my readers had a pleasant holiday season and are looking forward to the true start of the Third Millennium. And to start of this new chapter in the history of the world, let's EAT! [...]

    Jim Covaleski: Doogie's and Pudgy's

    Okay, first off I need to explain something. I had intended on writing this column a LONG time ago! But just as I was getting ready to take my Official trip out to Waterbury, I heard that Pudgy's was running a Hot Dog eating contest. I talked it over with Avery, and we had decided it'd be a great [...]

    Jim Covaleski: A Napster User's Confession (Part Two)
    Expanding on last issue's commentary, Jim delves into the legal complexities of the whole Napster debacle. [...]

    Jim Covaleski: A Christmas Plea! (1999)

    A thought struck me while writing my last column. Okay, it wasn't WHILE writing the column, it was while I was explaining it to my wife, Teresa. And it didn't just strike me, she pointed it out. But it still bugs me none the less. And it is this:


    Jim Covaleski: Great Geek Gift Giving!

    Okay Shoppers... I know what's troubling you. You just spent a deliriously happy "Black Friday" malling yourself into a spending stupor and have just recovered from a consumerism hangover. And through your foggy haze you realize that you bought gifts for EVERYONE except that [...]

    Jim Covaleski: Boxing
    Oy! My Shoulders Still Hurt!
    Jim Tries His Hand at Boxing [...]

    Jim Covaleski: The Big E
    Okay New Englanders... it's that time of year again. Time for our annual celebration of conspicuous consumerism & gastronomic excess. That's right, it's time for THE BIG E!

    For those of you who don't live in this cozy corner of our country, the Big E is short for the Eastern States Exposition. [...]

    Jim Covaleski: Cokes and Dreams

    Okay, I'm feeling the need to sound off on a couple of things that are bugging me lately. The first is franchise restaurants; specifically fast-food establishments. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the IDEA of franchising is to give patrons the same menu, quality(or lack thereof), [...]

    Jim Covaleski: Visiting an Old Friend

    In this season of joy, brotherhood, and goodwill towards your fellow man, I'm having bittersweet reminisces of my favorite old neighborhood bar. Actually, it all started a couple of weeks ago, when after a particularly BAD day at the office, I stopped off with a few co-workers for a quick [...]

    Jim Covaleski: A Napster User's Confession
    And in this corner, weighing in at 7 gigabytes on this Napster battle is Jim Covaleski. With a little logic and a touch of Yothu Yindi, Jim takes on the Napster bashers. Who will win this epic war? [...]

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