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    Martin Ray
    Posted under The Ghetto Wine Reviews by Nick Conti ( on Saturday November 18 2000 @ 06:20PM CET

    Martin Ray 1997 Pinot Noir La Montana, approximately $20/btl

    A perfect example of how you cannot, should not, believe everything you read (then again you are reading this, aren't you?). Martin Ray 1997 Pinot Noir was not warmly welcomed by the wine periodical giant, The Wine Spectator. Receiving only a score of 84 points. I telling you folks, I wish this was an 84 point wine, then the ninety pointers would be a hell of a lot better. This is a delicious California Pinot with succulent bright fruit and a delicate spice to the finish. I do however agree with the Wine Spectator's notes on this: 'Toasty, with a range of spicy cola and cherry flavors on a smooth-textured frame, finishing with ripe tannins. Drink now through 2003 (3300 cases produced).' 84 points my $#@%!

    Nick Conti

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