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    Magic Hat, VT
    Posted under The New England Beer Reviews by Avery Glasser ( on Monday July 02 2001 @ 09:00PM CEST

    Magic Hat Brewing Company

    We were first introduced to this brewery's beers at The Spigot on the corner of Boulevard and Prospect in Hartford's West End.

    Number 9
    What is now Janet's favorite beer is the Magic Hat Number Nine... and I have to tell you that it's no slouch in my book as well. The Spigot has this brew on tap, and in the last three weeks that we have been in Hartford, we have consumed many a pint of this magical elixir.

    The Number 9 is similar to a pale ale, but is not nearly as hoppy (or alcoholic) as one would expect. The interesting thing about Number 9 is that it has an extremely peach-like flavor, which is imparted primarily by the yeast strain that they have chosen for this beer (though the infusion of apricot nectar during the fermintation process doesn't hurt as well). Extremely drinkable, and recommended when available on tap. (Avery Glasser)

    Specifics from the Magic Hat website:
    Malts: All English 1-Row Malted Pale, Crystal and Wheat
    Hops: Tettnang, Willamette and Cascade
    Alcohol by Volume: 5.1%
    Original Gravity: 1.048

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