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    The election's over... what are you planning on doing?
    I'm going to Disneyland!
    Crying in my beer for the next four years
    Pissing and Moaning... just pissing and moaning
    Hell, what's the problem, pardner?
    Be vewwy vewwy quiet... I'm hunting Naders...
    Screw it, I'm moving to Canada.
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    Jim Covaleski: Sahadi's Hotties, New Britain CT

    The other day, I was out with my friends from Telecom and we were looking for a place to grab a quick bite before heading up to the Big Dipper for some ice cream. Since it was Friday, Blackie's was closed... so we ended up at Dairy Queen. To make a long story short, the dog was a Hummel [...]

    Jim Covaleski: Cokes and Dreams

    Okay, I'm feeling the need to sound off on a couple of things that are bugging me lately. The first is franchise restaurants; specifically fast-food establishments. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the IDEA of franchising is to give patrons the same menu, quality(or lack thereof), [...]

    Jim Covaleski: A Domestic Safari in 4 hours
    A Domestic Safari in 4 hours:
    The Rainforest Cafe
    Westfarms Mall (West Hartford, CT) [...]

    Jim Covaleski: Carmen Anthony Steakhouse, Waterbury CT

    Jim Covaleski: Visiting an Old Friend

    In this season of joy, brotherhood, and goodwill towards your fellow man, I'm having bittersweet reminisces of my favorite old neighborhood bar. Actually, it all started a couple of weeks ago, when after a particularly BAD day at the office, I stopped off with a few co-workers for a quick [...]

    Janet Glasser: Grande this, coffee boy!
    No, I don't want a Grande, I want a medium coffee of the day (which is the same coffee as yesterday) and you really don't want me to tell you where to shove that muffin, do you? [...]

    Janet Glasser: On Catching Them All
    And they say only children buy into the hype of Pokemon? What about all of the parents who jump on the anti-pokemon bandwagon without ever spending the time to watch a single episode? Janet takes off her gloves and takes on the hypocrisy mano a mano! [...]

    Janet Glasser: A little late...
    You're a Little Late for Halloween, Ya Stupid Bat
    For the second time in less than four months, a little winged rodent intrudes into the Glasser house. [...]

    Janet Glasser: An Autumnal Expedition
    Take two Glassers, a new car with a full tank of gas and a craving for apple cider and watch them go! [...]

    Janet Glasser: Malls...
    Malls: The Good, The Bad and The Ones With an Orange Julius
    Janet reflects on a lifetime of mall-hopping to come up with this handy field guide... [...]

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