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    I'm going to Disneyland!
    Crying in my beer for the next four years
    Pissing and Moaning... just pissing and moaning
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    Avery Glasser: Dupont, Belgium

    Wallonia, Belgium

    Sighted at: d.b.a, NYC - Available throughout CT through Fordham Distrobutors

    Dupont, one of the last Saison farmhouse-style breweries left in Belgium makes the venerable Saison Dupont, as well as Moinette and Bon Voeux [...]

    Avery Glasser: Brouwerij Rodenbach, Belgium

    Brouwerij Rodenbach

    Sighted at: Eli Cannons - Middletown CT, multiple locations in CT

    Rodenbach Alexander

    For the last time, Alexander is not a lambic beer! Rodenbach is one of the last breweries to make classic Belgian Red Ales. These [...]

    Avery Glasser: Schierlinger, Germany


    Sighted at: Almost Everywhere in CT

    Thurn und Taxis Roggen

    One of my all time favorite beer styles, Roggens are German beers made with a large quantity of malted rye. The resulting beer is very sharp and crisp and usually [...]

    Avery Glasser: Brouwerij Cantillon, Belgium

    Brouwerij Cantillon

    Sighted at: Table and Vine - Northampton MA, d.b.a - NYC

    One of a handful of Lambic breweries, Cantillon specializes in very strong and sour lambics.

    Rose de Gambrinus - 1997

    The first time I had [...]

    Avery Glasser: Belhaven, Scotland


    Sighted at: all over the state of CT

    Wee Heavy

    I love wee heavies. This is not a wee heavy. It's not even a Scotch Strong ale or a 90 shilling Scotch ale. It's the Diet-Coke of Scotch Ales, sporting neither a strong liquor [...]

    Avery Glasser: Brasserie Fantome, Belgium

    Brasserie Fantome

    Sighted at: Table and Vine, Northampton, MA.

    A new, revivalist brewery, Fantome specializes in Saison-style farmhouse ales. To denote specific brews that are exceptional, Fantome occasionally vintage dates selected beers.

    Spring 99 Saison
    An exceptional Saison, this beer is darker than most of the archetypical Saisons (ex: Saison Dupont). Garnet red in color, the Fantome supports a full, rocky beige head that maintains for a few minutes before dissolving.

    The initial aroma is that of sweetness, and when tasted, the Fantome awakens the tastebuds with a strong smoked/roasted taste found in German Rauschbiers or certain Scottish Ales. Though you might be inclined to serve a Saison cold, because of the smoked malts, if the beer is served too cold, the smoke will exhibit an unbalanced tartness... so serve it at cellar temperature (60 degrees) or even room temperature.

    Unique and certainly worth trying if you like smoky beers.
    (Avery Glasser)

    Avery Glasser: Lefebre, Belgium

    Lefebre Brewery/Abbaye de Floreffe
    Quenast, Belgium

    Sighted at: Table and Vine, Northampton, MA

    Abbaye de Floreffe, a monastery with a brewing tradition dating back to 1221 now has their beers produced at the local Lefebre Brewery.

    Tripel [...]

    Avery Glasser: Boon, Belgium

    Brouwerij Boon

    Sighted at: d.b.a - NYC, Table and Vine - Northampton MA

    One of the most well respected lambic blenders in Belgium, Frank Boon vintage-dates his beers as the great wineries do. The 1994 Boon lambics are quite the best lambics currently [...]

    Jim Covaleski: Some Dim Sum for the Holidays
    First off, let me start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I hope all my readers had a pleasant holiday season and are looking forward to the true start of the Third Millennium. And to start of this new chapter in the history of the world, let's EAT! [...]

    Chris Ravlin: The Lion King

    Last year about this time, I bought tickets to see the Lion King production on Broadway. My wife had mentioned that she wanted to see the play and I thought that tickets would be a nice Christmas surprise. However, it was me who was surprised to find out that the play was sold out a year in advance. [...]

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