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    Chris Ravlin: He's not off his Rocker
    John Rocker, bigoted Major League Baseball Player, is sent to therapy by his management because his views on minorities were... shall we say... less than politically correct. Didn't Orwell predict this sort of thought policing over fifty years ago? [...]

    Chris Ravlin: Local brewery has me steamed...
    Brewpubs beware! If you can't serve up the goods properly, ScowlZine's gonna call you on it. This time, Chris takes on City Steam Brewery, a Hartford Brewpub with a great reputation but, in retrospect, inconsistent and poor product. Even if you're not a Connecticut Native, this [...]

    Allamagoosalum: Stud service
    Alla (ScowlZine's previous sex columnist) talks to a co-ed in an conundrum... [...]

    Allamagoosalum: To touch or not to touch...
    Alla (ScowlZine's previous sex columnist) addresses a sensitive subject... [...]

    Allamagoosalum: And you thought it couldn't get worse...
    Alla (ScowlZine's previous sex columnist) advises a confused college student to shop at eBay. [...]

    Avery Glasser: Too Many Men
    Affairs are hard enough to hide... especially when the person you are having an affair with is your husband's brother. In this installment of ScowlZine's Sex Advice Column, Avery tackles this question with the delicate and sensitive touch of a bull in a china shop. [...]

    Bruce Alexander: Texas's Bush the Second
    Texas's Bush the Second:
    'Fess Up Now, Spare Us Later [...]

    Bruce Alexander: Elegy on the Death of William Payne Stewart
    Elegy on the Death of William Payne Stewart [...]

    Bruce Alexander: Clinton...
    Clinton: An Old Connecticut Town Seeks A New Name,
    President Indicates He May Change His. [...]

    Bruce Alexander: Mark! Pump up our coach!

    WASHINGTON (AP) Researcher Lloyd Johnston, who has run a federally funded drug use study for 25 years, said more boys in the 8th, 10th, and 12th grades reported using steroids and linked the increase to revelations that Mark McGwire used steroids to bulk up his biceps.

    HARTFORD [...]

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