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    Be vewwy vewwy quiet... I'm hunting Naders...
    Screw it, I'm moving to Canada.
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    Ash Ochman: Loves Looking at Tights
    A writer that gets turned on by looking at tights asks Ash for some sage advice... [...]

    Ash Ochman: Coming and Going
    Just can't get your girlfriend into that state of writhing bliss? Ash attempts to direct a ScowlZine reader through the ins-and-outs of, well, the ins-and-outs. [...]

    Nick Conti: Martin Ray

    Martin Ray 1997 Pinot Noir La Montana, approximately $20/btl


    Nick Conti: Laurel Glen

    Laurel Glen 1996 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon Approximately $15.99/btl.


    Nick Conti: Glen Carlou, South Africa

    Glen Carlou 1998 Paarl Chardonnay Approximately $15.99/btl.


    Nick Conti: Elsa Vineyards, Argentina

    Elsa 1998 Malbec, Argentina, approximately $9.00/bottle.


    Nick Conti: Blackstone Vineyards

    Blackstone 1997 Cabernet, approximately $11.00/bottle.


    Ash Ochman: The Human Wang is a Wonderful Thing
    Ash unzips the average man's pants, reaches her hand inside and whips it out... just to make her point that the human wang is a wonderful thing. [...]

    Jim Covaleski: A Napster User's Confession
    And in this corner, weighing in at 7 gigabytes on this Napster battle is Jim Covaleski. With a little logic and a touch of Yothu Yindi, Jim takes on the Napster bashers. Who will win this epic war? [...]

    Avery Glasser: Brooklyn Brewing
    Brooklyn Brewing
    Brooklyn, NY [...]

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