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    Turnbridge Brewing, VT
    Posted under The New England Beer Reviews by Avery Glasser ( on Monday July 02 2001 @ 08:39PM CEST

    Turnbridge Brewing

    Telemark Ale

    Oh my god. My beer has a yeast infection!
    Seriously... out of all of the beer that I have ever tasted, this beer singlehandedly qualifies as the most disgusting... the most indescribably vile beverage that has ever passed through my lips. It even surpasses the glass of vinegar and water I was once accidentally served at a Cuban restaurant in San Francisco. It's just that bad.

    The problem? The beer had a yeast infection.

    When one brews beer, it is imperative that the brewers carefully control the yeast that is introduced into the wort in order to make it ferment. You don't want any wild yeasts entering the mix because at best they'll turn the beer into some funky smelling and tasting vinegary swill. By the look of the half-congealed yeast chunks suspended in the beer, someone stirred the fermenting liquid with their nasty athletes foot infested hock. It has the honor of being the first beer that I ever dumped into the sink without any feeling of remorse.

    If you ignore the rank taste, the smell of decay and the muddy-brown color (with suspended globules of off-white yeast bits), it's still a horrible beer. The thin taste shows a lack of fermentable sugars which means that there was a lack of malt in the mix. The dead yeast in the bottom of the bottle confirms this assumption.

    The warning on the bottle stating to be careful when you pour due to yeast solids residing on the bottom doesn't do this foul and funky beverage justice.
    (Avery Glasser)

    Note: Discussions with other people that have consumed this beer seems to confirm my suspicion about this brewery's products.

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