For those of you who actually give a damn, On Friday March 6, I headed out to Planet Soma
to get another tattoo done. Don't hassle me about getting a picture up any time soon. I don't
have access to a scanner and none of my friends have a digital camera.

Ok, maybe I am stretching the truth here, I just don't have any friends. it's impossible to make
friends in California. Californians have a real problem with loyalty. The few people who I get
along with in California are all from the East Coast anyway. But I digress...

Jeff Rassier, one of the tattooists at 222 tattoo (222 8th Street/Folsom) did a remarkable job
permanently etching a Pacific Northwest styled red-and-black fish on my forearm. Just in case
anyone from my office happens to read this page, the tattoo is not visible even if I roll up
my sleeves.

This tat compliments a set of fine-line boxing gloves on my left shoulder compliments of
Colin at Tattoo City.

In addition to my tattoos, I am pierced. I currently have two piercings, one visible
(an 8ga lobe pierce) and one which is not visible, and really is none of your damn business
where it is.

If you ever happen to see me, don't ask the same monotonous question "Did it hurt?"
that is, don't ask unless you are bribing me with a beer or you know for sure that you
can run faster than I can. Of course it hurt. However, it hurts much less than a Jamba
Juice opening in my neighborhood.