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On Friday, March 7, 1997 over 85 Cigar lovers
joined the Editors of the Bay Area Internet Cigar Group
web pages and the staff from San Francisco Cigar Lifestyles
Magazine for the

ICG SF Mini-Crawl II .


Ok ok... this page is currently under construction, but this is better than nothing in the interim!

On March 7... those of us who could get out of work early met up at Sherlock's Haven, one of the best cigar shops in San Francisco. About 20 cigar lovers started here at 4pm to enjoy the first smoke of  the afternoon.

Leaving for Fizz Supper Club at 5:30, we arrived to a spacious outdoor patio. The weather was a bit cool, but comfortable. Though the service was a bit frenetic (did you ever get that beer Mark?) Monetta and her staff tried to make us as comfortable as possible. While enjoying the extremely tasty chicken skewers that Fizz donated, we met up with Michael Hermosa from ZGAR TIME, who was bearing gifts... boxes of La Tradicion Cubana cigars!          


At 6:30, almost 63 of us left for the Essex Supper Club. Chris Breed trated us like royalty, offering round after round of appetizers and snacks. We had the Bacchus Cellar for the whole night and took advantage of this smoker's paradise! Michael Hermosa passed out more LTCs, and a number of us decided to catch dinner upstairs in the restaurant.

The cellar was so comfortable and inviting that most of the crawlers decided to stay at Essex instead of heading out to the Occidental Grill, our next scheduled stop.

At 10:30, those of us who were not ready to call it a night headed out to the Park Hyatt hotel to enjoy a nightcap and a few more cigars. Actually, we all let our hair down, drank a number of nightcaps and smoked a few too many cigars (if that is possible) with the last five of us heading out for breakfast at 3:30am.

The good news is that the pictures I took came out! Once I get them scanned, I'll put them up on this web site!

-- Avery Glasser
    One of the organizers of this shindig!

If you have any suggestions for the next San Francisco "Cigar Crawl", please e-mail me.

Hosted by:
-- Avery "the Rogue" Glasser