Ok, Folks!

My apologies for not posting this information sooner but it's been a heck of a month!

The Bachelor's Crawl was on for Friday, August 22.

Approximately 25 dedicated crawlers showed up for a night time filled with tobacco, spirits and lively conversation.

Notably smaller, this crawl only had three stops.

We started at Sherlock's Haven to fill our stashes. From there, we went to Fume for a few rounds of drinks and an enjoyable cigar. We ended up at Lehr Brothers, commandeering the smoking room for the night.

Hope to see you all at the next crawl!

Avery Glasser

PS: thanks to Toshi Yoshida and Shawn Evans for their assistance and support!


I have received a number of emails asking if this crawl is going to be a "GUY THING", or if women are
allowed on this crawl. The answer is a whole hearted... NO and YES!

NO! This is not a guy's only thing

YES! Why shouldn't women enjoy a good smoke like everyone else? I think Judy (one of the planners)
would be a mite bit pissed if she wasn't "allowed" to come on the crawl.

What will make this crawl a Bachelor's crawl is that those of us who know Carlos (ok... the cat's out of the bag)
will be encouraged to bring a cigar for the soon-to-be-married, and I will probably make an embarassing
toast or two about the merits of Marriage.

Hope this answers most of the first round of questions...

-- Avery "the Rogue" Glasser

Fellow Cigar Crawlers,

My apologies for taking so long to send out a crawl update, but the last quarter has been a hectic one.
But enough with the excuses, it's time for ANOTHER CRAWL!
Coming Late July/early August we will have:


Now, before everyone comes down on me for this being all sexist and discriminatory let me explain...
One of our fellow crawlers is getting married this September, and I thought, what a great
excuse for a Cigar Crawl!
No strip clubs or anything like that... just good booze, good cigars and great company!
Everyone is welcome!

The crawl list is being finalized... I will have a schedule finalized by July 1.
You'll get another email with the information... I promise!

With a smoke and a smile,

Avery Glasser

PS: Lest I forget, my co-organizers for this shindig are...     
     Shawn Evans     
     Toshi Yoshida

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