If you checked this web page out a few weeks ago, you would see a reference
to one of the worst managed gyms in San Francsico.
The gym in question is called Gorilla Sports.

Yes, Gorilla Sports. For $52 a month, you have the priveledge of training in
a basement with no working heat or cooling system. Gorilla Sports, where there are
no machines, disgusting locker rooms, bathrooms without toilet paper, soap,or
papertowels on the weekend, and equipment that is unsatisfactory and potentially
harmful to its members.

Why do I have such a beef with Gorilla Sports? Simple.
For $52 a month, I expect sanitary conditions.
When I joined Gorilla, there were 2 locations. When one closed under
suspect reasons, no discounts were given to members who 
now have to travel all over the city to the other location.
When Gorilla merged with Pinnacle Sports, David Fox, the owner, didn't
spend any money renovating the gym, adding classes, or repairing the equipment.

On top of everything else, Mr. Fox runs the gym like a fiefdom,
changing schedules without warning nor reason.

Fuck Gorilla Sports. I'm going to Crunch when it opens in San Francisco.