Thanks to the weak minded attempts at curbing smoking in the interest of common health, California has imposed a public prohibition on Smoking. Bars, casinos, you name it, itf it is enclosed by four walls, you can't smoke there. They think it is going to stop people from smoking.

Well, I can tell you that this little black duck has put his common sense on hold and started to smoke even more. Cigars, pipes, cigarettes, you name it... if there is tobacco involved, I'll light it up and stick it in my mouth. Give me a tourist or a senator to blow my smoke towards and I'll be a happy camper.

In the future, I'll update this page with more rants, like:

Why is it legal to smoke in hotels? Are we pandering once again to the tourists?

Who the fuck said that it is yhour god-given right to come to a bar anyway
if you don't like the smoke, stay home.

Bartenders who don't smoke... conscious choice or simpering cry-babies?

Until then... keep your Zippo filled and your cigarettes ready.