Avery Glasser

San Francisco, CA
United States

Check out my nationally published column in Cigar Lifestyles Magazine in the Spring 98 issue: Making Sport of the Tobacco Snob (or whatever they re-named it).

Who the heck do I think I am?

Well, for starters, I am NOT an avocado-head. I am from Connecticut... which means that I am bitter and abrasive. Actually, people say that those are two of my better points.

What I am, however, is a boxer (ok, ok, still training, but eventually I will be fighting); an avid beer drinker (usually at the Toronado); and a cigar smoker.
Yes. You heard me! Even in the Fascist land of California, I still smoke cigars.

Well... in this space you would usually find information about the next quarterly cigar crawl that I have been hosting since Jan 1997. However, with the probably illegal and definitely unethical anti-smoking regulations in place in my adopted state of California, I have put the cigar crawls on hold.

So, in the interim, you can usually find me most afternoons at Sherlock's Haven, smoking a Fuente Hemingway or a Puros Indios, or my pipe, or whatever else I decide to smoke.

Why the hell isn't the 9th Circuit Court making a stance on this? Why isn't the Federal OSHA striking this down? Why isn't anyone mobilized on this issue.

Goddamned anti smokers.