11/21/99 - Scowl, Nu... No More?

Ok, It's official, kids... Scowl, Nu? is pretty much on permanent hiatus. Why? Well, first off, our new project, ScowlZine, is taking up all of our creative efforts these days. On top of that, there just ain't all that much to write about it seems. Let's face it, we'd rather just not write, rather than publish crap.

Here is the scoop. Scowl, Nu? will stay here, with all of the last year-and-a-half's worth of content. We may decide to start publishing it regularly again, we might decide to re-design it and come back with a whole new concept... or we might just let it stay while we work to publish ScowlZine on (hopefully) a weekly basis.

With that note, if you want to read current writings from Avery and Janet:

Visit ScowlZine.CX

That, unfortunately, is all for now.


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