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 July 13, 1998

What's New?

By the time I finish working on the main part of Scowl every other day or so, I honestly feel like I've kinda said it all for that particular day. Rest assured, however, that not a day goes by that I don't think about my poor sparse Charlie Brown christmas tree of a personal page. I then manage to assuage my guilt by realizing that I don't consider myself a writer per se, so my small paragraphs could be considered a victory at worst.

Since Avery & I are working on the main part of Scowl together, I've tried to come up with something to include in this page that doesn't overlap with the subjects on the main pages.  So far the only unique thing I've come up with is that I'm a girl and he's not.  But I'm kind of sick of reading about "girls on the web", so I left that subject on the back burner.  Someday there's gonna be a fire.

(7/13) Good news.  I've found some neon post-its left over from some other, more playful office era.

"Because I'm the Reverend's daughter and you're just yellow trash." (quote of the day for people with no rerun watching capabilty).
(6/25) Maybe this looks too pastel, but did you really want to see another black background?  I'm also fond of those neon-colored post-its, which my bland office won't order anymore.

I may start waxing philosophical about the following: (I assure you, there are other topics floating around my head...this is just a start, OK?)

None of that "aerobic-boxing" or "boxing for fitness" or anything like those annoying magazine articles on how certain celebrities are "so tough" ever since they started "boxing"...REAL boxing, 'specially women's boxing. Until all of my opinions on the subject are uploaded, why don't you keep yourself busy and go visit

OK.  It's a GREAT show, and I have seen it 5 times, but isn't anything over 90 times a bit much?  Let's take a look at the really dedicated NY theater goer.

which are all lumped together because of their common denominators: the couch and my lazy-ass self.

I might put this on the Scowl main page, but I really need to mention the best 'zine I've read in a LOONG time - NEGATIVE CAPABILITY .  And to think I wasn't even going to buy it, but made Avery go back and get it after he had already paid for all the rest of our stuff with a credit card, holding up the line even more!  

And TV, well, it's always on and sits in front of us all the time.  And to complete the circle I then get to log on and go to Mediarama to read Danny Drennan's 90210 wrapups.  And speaking of nine-oh, why go outside when you can see Tori Spelling at her TV Movie finest?