Neighborhood Developments

Good Neighborhood Things

Bad Neighborhood Things

  • 10/20/98 - Dexter's/Ternaga on Haight Street had closed for good. In its place, a branch of Hahn's Hibachi, a Korean BBQ joint is opening.
  • 9/9/98 - More ATMs in the neighborhood. Abe's Market now has an ATM machine. $1.50 per use.
  • 7/12/98 - New hair salon has opened up on Fillmore near Big Sherm's called the W.A.K Shack. I'm getting my hair done there on Wednesday and will post a full report!
  • 6/28/98 - Just went to Rosamunde, the sausage shop opened up by long-time Toronado bartender Jeff. Give this place some neighborhood support! Rosamunde is located next to the Toronado on Haight Street.
  • On 6/26/98, the new sausage shop next store to the Toronado is going to have their final health board review. If all goes as planned, the shop should open on 6/26 or 6/27. Way to go Jeff!

  • 10/20/98 - Dexter's has finally closed after months and months of declining patronage.
  • 10/10/98 (Coming Up) - In front of the Liberty Theater, there will be a meeting and protest of the new "Live/Work" loft units. Be there. 10am.
  • 10/4/98 - Just noticed that Ya Halla has been closed. Coming into its spot is a new Fish and Chips place.
  • 7/25/98 - Just heard that on the 23rd, a group of armed criminals attempted to hold up the Used Rubber USA store. <9/9/98 Update - the police still have not placed the assailants under arrest>
  • 7/12/98 - Don't know if this really qualifies as a bad thing or not, but the Fillmore Compact Discs shop is closed for good. Never had a need to go there, never cared that it was there, never saw anyone in there, never noticed that it was gone.
  • Luxury Condos are going to be built in the Lower Haight on Haight between Fillmore and Steiner. Call the Zoning Administrators at 558-6339 and protest TODAY (June 24) - Use case # 98007v