Haight Street Resources

The strip of Haight Street between Webster and Pierce is the heart of the Lower Haight's bar scene. In this region, you have some of the most interesting bars, some of the finest restaurants and some of the best dance clubs in San Francisco.

Bus Lines:
To get to this district, the 6, 7, 66, 71, and 71L buses stop at Haight and Fillmore. The 22 stops at Fillmore and Haight.


The Toronado (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
One of the best beer-bars in the world, the Toronado has an exceptional selection of Barleywines, Belgian Beers and Microbrewed Beers on tap. Expect lots of tourists Friday nights but you can usually get a seat at the bar if you wait long enough. Check their website often for a listing of what's on tap.
Payment: Cash Only
Selection: Beer, Barleywine, wine
Food: You can bring food in from all of the restaurants on the street if you get hungry.

Mad Dog in the Fog (Haight between Fillmore and Steiner)
Though it gets a fair amount of just-out-of-college jocks from the Marina and Pacific Heights, Mad Dog is a beloved part of the neighborhood. Expect packed crowds most nights and a crowd during any soccer or rugby game.
Payment: ATM or Cash
Selection: Beer
Food: British fare is served most days. Great bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes)

Molotov's (Haight between Fillmore and Steiner)
When the owners of the Albion took over the space that used to be the Midtown, they killed a beloved neighborhood institution. Those of us who remember the Midtown tend to avoid Molotov's like the plague. With better bars that respect the community, why go here?
Payment: ATM or Cash; ATM machine inside.
Selection: Full bar
Food: None

An Bodhran (Haight between Steiner and Pierce)
The neighborhood's only Irish Bar, go here if you want mixed drinks, or a good stout on tap. Live music on Sunday mornings.
Payment: ATM, Cash, Credit
Selection: Full Bar
Food: None

Noc Noc (Haight between Fillmore and Steiner)
The Noc Noc is a small, quirky bar which has a good selection of wine and sake. It has the latest happy hour in the neighborhood.
Payment: Credit, Cash
Selection: Beer, Wine, Sake
Food: None

The Top (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
We have not yet visited this establishement.

Nickie's Haight Street BBQ (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
We have not yet visited this establishment.


Horseshoe (Haight between Fillmore and Steiner)
The Horseshoe is a coffeehouse with a good selection of teas and by far the strongest coffee ever made.
Payment: Cash

Rosamunde Sausage Grill (Haight between Fillmore and Steiner)
This could possibly be one of the hardest reviews that I have to write. Since 1996, my favorite take-out food in the neighborhood has been Ali Baba's (see below). However, as of 6/27/98, they have some real competition with Rosamunde.
Rosamunde is, quite simply, a sausage grill. When last visited, Rosamunde had 6 types of sausage (try the Nuremburg Bratwurst), cole slaw, German potato salad, chili, sauerkraut and a good selection of mustards. Stop in and let Jeff (the owner) know that the place is appreciated. The more support he gets, the later he'll stay open.
Payment: Cash
Selection: Sausages and side dishes.
Take Out: Preferred; one table available.

Ali Baba's Cave (Haight between Fillmore and Steiner)
Hussein Dawah, the owner, opened Ali Baba's in the pouring rain in 1996 on Halloween night. Originally planning on just having his family over for a pre-opening celebration, he fed the neighborhood for free.
We have loved him ever since.
Payment: ATM, Cash, Credit
Selection: Middle Eastern Food
Take Out: Available

Love 'N Haight (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
Never one of the editors' favorites, the new management change has truly set this restaurant apart from the rest, making it one of the worst sandwich shops in the city. The only saving grace is that it is open until the bars close.
Payment: Cash, ATM, Credit
Selection: Overpriced second-rate sandwiches
Take Out: Available

Pizza Gallery (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
A new pizza place that replaced John Henry's Pizza in November 1998. Open until the bars close.
Payment: Cash
Selection: Pizza
Take Out: Available

Pasta Pomodoro (Corner of Haight and Steiner)
Like the city needed another Pasta Pomodoro. I can't understand why the hell anyone would ever patronize this festering sore on the ass of my neighborhood.
Payment: Who cares?
Selection: Pasta
Take out: Who cares?

Two Jacks (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
This small seafood restaurant got a good review from Dan Leone in the SF Bay Guardian.  The editors, though, have not eaten here yet.

Botana (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
New Mexican restaurant with the usual selection of burritos, quesadillas, etc.  We are planning on trying this place soon.
Payment: Cash
Delivery: Yes, Free
Note: Closed on Mondays.

Volare Pizza (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
Payment: Cash, Credit
Delivery: Yes, Free

Kate's Kitchen (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
A place that serves breakfast and lunch during the week and brunch on the weekends.  Some of their better selections are the corned beef hash and the giant plate-sized pancakes.  There is always a crowd waiting for a table on Saturday and Sunday, so be sure to come early and put your name on the waiting list.
Payment:  Cash.

Cuco's Mexican Restaurant (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
Though we have never eaten at Cuco's, it appears that they serve the standard Mexican fare interspersed with El Salvedorean specialties.

Moby's Fish and Chips (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
A new fish and chips joint which replaced the beloved Ya Halla restaurant.
We'll provide details if and when we ever go there.

Veecha (Haight and Fillmore)
A benefit of this Thai food restaurant is that it tends to be open on major holidays when all of the surrounding restaurants are closed.  The food is good, but not exceptional.
Payment: Cash, Credit
Delivery: Yes, Free 

Hanabi (Haight between Fillmore and Steiner)
When we heard that a Japanese restaurant was opeing in the neighborhood, we jumped for joy. Unfortuantely, the cuisine is lacking.  The teriyaki looked good, but we suggest that the sushi be avoided unless you like the addition of Italian salad dressing to your spicy tuna roll.
Payment: Cash, Credit 

Hahn's Hibachi (Haight between Fillmore and Steiner)
Opening in the space vacated by Dexter's.
Hahn's Hibachi is a Korean BBQ joint (one of a small chain of four scattered throughout the city) that we are extremely happy to have in the Lower Haight. Good food, cheap prices. Add on top of that 12 beers and great desserts, and you've got a great dinner spot.
Payment: Cash, Credit

Cafe International (Haight between Fillmore and Steiner)
Traditional cafe that also serves beer and light fare.  It is also the polling place for the neighborhood on election days. Sponsors open mic nights and live music.

Spaghetti Western (Haight between Fillmore and Steiner)
One of our favorite places for breakfast.  Like Kate's Kitchen, a line of people quickly forms on the weekends, so the earlier you arrive, the better!  Possibly the best biscuits and gravy in town. Huge portions at low prices.
Payment: Cash only

Axum (Haight and Pierce)
A great Ethiopian restaurant, with tons of food at cheap prices!
Payment: Cash, Credit


Walgreens (Corner of Haight and Fillmore)
Not a 24-hour Walgreens, but it has a pharmacy.

Haight Laundry? (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)

Rock and Roll San Francisco (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner... now purely in Cyberspace)
Though the storefront is closing, this is still a Lower Haight run shop. RnRSF is a place where you can get Rock and Roll T-shirts and some other Rock stuff (like studded belts and chain wallets). Owned by Jet, a Lower Haight Denizen who can usually be spotted at the Toronado on the weekends.

Naked Eye News and Video (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
We all love Steve and his staff at Naked Eye. They have a great selection of videos (including some great HK videos), magazines and zines. If you go there often enough, Steve will make recommendations on what to read. Come here for great dirt on what is going on in the neighborhood.

Haight/Fillmore Whole Foods Co. (Corner of Haight and Fillmore)
Owned by the same people who own Nabila's on Hayes, Metro Steaks and the Grind.

Fresh (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
Small clothing shop.

Art Gallery (Haight and Webster)
No Information

Rooky Ricardo's (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
Record Shop specializing in 45s and R&B music.

Labyrinth (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
Hemp Clothing.

Lee's Meats (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
Small full-service grocery store and butcher counter.

Lo-Cost Meat and Fish Market (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
Just like the name implies, meat and fish at discount prices.  Debatable quality.  Lo-cost shoppers, let us know how it is!

Zebra (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
Local record store with a focus on hip hop and dance music.  DJ equipment is also available.

Scents-U-All (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
Proprietor of this incense and perfume shop has requested that we do not include info about them in our Resource Guide.

Good Fellows Smoke Shop (Haight between Webster and Fillmore)
Excellent selection of imported and domestic cigarettes.  A small cigar selection and an extensive selection of rolling papers as well.

Aquarius Barber Shop (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
Barber shop.

Easy Goin (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
Full service travel agency.

Rock N Roll San Francisco (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
A great resource for ordering Timbuk 2 bike messenger bags and bag accessories.  Also carries rock and roll type clothing and a small selection of shoes.

Used Rubber USA (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
Interesting use of recycled tires and computer motherboards.  Avery's business card holder was a neat and unusual find.  Lots of bags, organizers and cool stuff for the office. 

Whole (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
Art Gallery? (more research needed!)

Blown Away (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
Hair Salon.

Tweekin Records (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
Local record label.. good selection of electronica, trance and other CDs.

Discount Depot (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
Mattresses, linens and other bed related items.

Transformer (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
Hair Salon

O'Looney's Market (Haight St. between Fillmore and Steiner)
Corner Store with a good selection of drinks. No Yoo-Hoo though.

Life (Haight St. between Steiner and Pierce)
New Age shop

Vickie's Boutique (Haight St. between Steiner and Pierce)
Not sure what this place is, but they sell t-shirts.

Bulletproof (Haight St. between Steiner and Pierce)
Used clothing.

Faster Bamboo (Haight St. between Steiner and Pierce)
A selection of magazines sits in the window... looks like a shop with resources for DJs and club-goers, but we are not sure. Will visit next weekend.

Sunrise Market (Haight St. between Steiner and Pierce)
One of the most complete selections of  British foodstuffs can be found at Sunrise Market. Kippers, Cadbury Flake Bars, Salad Cream and Weetabix are among the UK treats that you can find here. Also a good selection of the typical convenience store items, Liquor Too, including lots of scotch. ATM, Credit Cards, Cash.

Tribal Art (Haight St. between Steiner and Pierce)
Tribal knick-knacks

Groove Merchant (Haight St. between Steiner and Pierce)
Record Shop