Chronicle Archives

The Message Boards (Last Updated: 8/31/99)
For your reading pleasure, we are posting the old Scowl message boards...

The Topic of the Week (Last Updated: 2/26/99)
For about a half of a year, we wrote a weekly Topic of the Week. The topics ranged from current events to dinner ideas. If you ask us nicely, they might even come back...

The Boxing Chronicles (Last Updated: 4/3/99)
The two of us are currently training to be amateur boxers. These are our occasional comments on the long road from training to the 1999 Golden Gloves.

What We Really Think... (Last Updated: 2/5/99)
Sometimes, a picture's worth a thousand words.

The MUNI Chronicles (Last Updated: 4/26/99)
If you live in San Francisco, you know how bad MUNI sucks. This is the ongoing rant about MUNI service.

The Hotel Chronicles (Last Updated 1/7/99)
Well, this chronicles our exploits in... well... hotels. Sometimes its stories about our vacations, sometimes it's our business trips. Usually, it's worth a couple of laughs.

Hey, Assholes! (Last Updated: 8/1/98)
Sometimes you're reading a magazine, and something just strikes you as being ridiculously stupid. Here is our analysis of these stories.

The Sausage Chronicles (Last Updated: 5/23/99)
As a gift, Avery was presented with 12 2-pound packages of sausage. This is the story of us trying to get rid of it.