At the Toronado, we usually drink the sort of beers that nobody has ever heard of. For those of you who are still drinking Bud or (shudder) Amstel (shudder)... here is a quick explanation of what we drink.

What We Drink
  Boonville Beer Avery's favorite beers are from a brewery called Anderson Valley. Their beers are strong and hoppy, the way beers should be.
  Lagunitas Lagunitas, from Petaluma is home of Dogtown Pale, Maximus and the perfect Ipanator. Very hoppy... they give asnderson Valley a run for their money.
  Speakeasy Creators of Avery's favorite beers: Untouchable. Everything they make is a treat. Even their "Common" beer is exceptional.
  Boddington's Janet's usual drink at the Toronado.
  Guinness Guinness. 'Nuff said.
  Stone Brewing Company Aah, what can we say about the great beers of Stone Brewing Company... makers of Arrogant Bastard Ale. Find it. Drink it. Then realize... you're probably not worthy.
  Underberg How can you end a night of beer drinking without an Underberg? Underberg is an herbal elixir that helps settle your stomach.