The Barfly Chronicles - Hartford

We are barflies.

What is a barfly, you might ask... barflies are people who enjoy being in bars. We're not drunks who go out with the intention of overindulging, but people who enjoy sampling new drinks, interacting with bartenders and staying up late on the weekends.

When we left San Francisco, we doubted that we would continue our barfly tradition... but luckily a new bar called The Spigot has become home to us weary West Coast Transplants.

Here are our stories...

9/30/99 - Small Freaking World
9/6/99 - Get your Märzen
8/23/99 - The reports of my demise...
8/22/99 - The end of an era?
8/10/99 - Glutton for Punishment
8/1/99 - Pattaconk 1850 and some bad news
7/18/99 - J. Timothy's
7/5/99 - Just one beer. Really.
6/21/99 - The Great New England Brewers Festival
6/14/99 - What the hell is a Zima, anyway?
6/12/99 - Introducing The Spigot