Toronado Happenings

News at the bar is that the Full Sail Black Pilsner, a Schwartzenbier is coming on tap this weekend (or sooner, if the keg of Full Sail Octoberfest is ever finished). The Toronado is the first bar to request it on tap.

The shortage of Aventinus first reported on 10/18/98 is coming to an end. The bottled Aventinus is being replaced with Aventinus on tap on or around 11/1/98. Aventinus, a Doppel Weisen Bock, is a great beer that truly shines when on tap, is a welcome addition to the beers at the Toronado.

The Liefman's Gluhkriek, a spiced sour cherry lambic beer from Belgium may become back in 750ml bottles soon. The beer has not been available for the last few months because of a change in distributors.

Overheard that the Full Sail Wassail might come on tap in November/December.

It's possible that the Elysian Barleywine from Seattle might make it on tap for the barleywine festival in February.

Just tasted the Deschutes Brewery (from Bend, OR) Jubelale, a winter beer. If it is a sign of what's coming for the winter months, expect milder winter beers this year. News from Anchor is that their Christmas Beer will be lighter than the previous years as well.

Tried an advance sample of the Sudwerk Privatbraueri Doppelbock. Though I am usually impressed by their beers, the Doppelbock was thin and without any significant body. The flavor and nose were held great coffee and caramel notes, but they were lacking the syrupy thickness that you expect in a Doppelbock.

Replacing the Full Sail Octoberfest might be the Full Sail Imperial Stout, one of the best imperial stouts (right behind North Coast's Rasputin) out there.

Will Hoppy Face and Speak Easy's White Lightning make it through the holiday season? If you like the beers, come to the Toronado and order them, or they may disappear from the taps!

Up and coming events... October 28 will be a Hoegaarden Wit beer night. In November we will see release events for Aventinus (draft) and  Dylan Thomas Ale from Brains Brewery in Cardiff Wales, a nice, dark beer as well. Celebrator Doppelbock will be released some time in early in November as well.

Talked to Jimmy (the chef for the Belgian Beer Festival) and Dave (the owner of the Toronado) about the Belgian Beer Festival. The festival is expected to occur this December, but a date and a location has not been released as of now. Hopefully, Jimmy will be able to procure some more of those great Whitefish Chubs for this year's festival.