What are the Chronicles?

The Chronicles is the section where we put our long-running topics and stories. Think of them like a regular column in the newspaper.

Some of the Chronicles are funny, some scathing... some just are. Take a look.

Current Chronicles

The Front Page News! (Last Updated: 7/7/99)
This Chronicle is a compendium of our favorite front page blurbs... those things that you see in the big frame when you first log into Scowl, Nu?

The Hostile Gourmet (Last Updated: 9/12/99)
For some reason, many of our recent entries have focused aroung our experiences at various restaurants. The Hostile Gourmet will now be the home for all food based updates.

Commuter Hell (Last Updated: 7/18/99)
After 9 years, we're car owners once more. Read about our trials and tribulations as we try to keep an old '93 Civic DX in good enough shape to get Avery 18 miles to work every day. Will the car survive? Will Avery's sanity survive? Read here to find out

The Barfly Life (Constantly Updated)
Once a chronicle, the Barfly Life has grown in to its own section.

Chronicle Archives