Lower Haight Information

Lower Haight Information
Avery Glasser (Avery) on Thursday, July 9, 1998 - 10:09 am:

What's going on in the neighborhood these days... if you have any information about the Lower Haight district of San Francisco, Here is the place to share it!

By Avery on Saturday, July 11, 1998 - 11:59 am:

Over the weekend, we'll be walking all around the Lower Haight listing names and places that we haven't added to the LHRG yet. If there is anywhere that you definitely want to have added to the list, let us know!

-- Avery

By Avery on Sunday, July 19, 1998 - 10:22 am:

If any San Francisco residents are using the Lower Haight Resource Guide... we could really use your help! If you have any information on things going on in the neighborhood, or any reviews of local restaurants or shops... please let us know!

By Sam on Sunday, October 18, 1998 - 06:48 pm:

If any San Francisco residents want to give me a place to live...Heh.