Yay! Yippeeee! Things

Yay! Yippeeee! Things
Nita on Thursday, December 10, 1998 - 12:06 pm:

My across-the-hall neighbor brought my laundry up from the basement to my third floor apartment!

She said that the downstairs guys were playing pool in the basement, and she didn't want my clothes to get smoky.


By A is for Avery on Friday, December 11, 1998 - 02:21 pm:

Hmm, that's interesting, If I ever caught anyone touching my clothes at the laundromat, I would just flip out.

Think about it, Nita... now your neighbor knows what kind of panties you wear and if you're one of those cotton bra wearers or if you go for something more lacy.

So really, is your neighbor a saint or a perv?

By Nita unclothed on Friday, December 11, 1998 - 02:51 pm:

Well, Avery, she's kind of cute. A cute saint.

Most people in my apartment building have seen me in a tee shirt and boxers with the dog at three in the morning muttering "hurry up and pee, damnit"

Oh, shit, now you know about my exciting nighttime lingerie.

By Exhibitionist Avery on Friday, December 11, 1998 - 07:56 pm:

Don't feel awkward about that. I normally answer the door for delivery people wearing just my boxers and tee shirt as well.

Unfortunately, I own two types of boxers, some with button-fly and some with an open fly.

When the door buzzes, I have to run and hit the security door release button and grab the credit card and then get out to the hall to meet said delivery person.

That's when I usually notice if it's an open fly or button fly. The next few seconds as the delivery guy comes up the stairs is spent moving the fly of the shorts so I don't... well... pop out while signing the receipt.

On second thought, that's probably more then you ever wanted to know.