Cross Looks and Grimaces

This is why you're here, nu? The Scowls reflect those strange things in life that just make us scowl.

Though more often than not we're scowling, sometimes there is something worth smiling about. Click on Smirks to find out what's making us feel all warm and gooey these days.

Observation Lounge
Sometimes, we see things that are not really scowls or smirks, but we really want to write something about it anyway. The Observation Lounge is the home for those observations

The Chronicles
Sometimes, a rant or a rave will be so in-depth that it deserves its own special section. Click here for a listing of the Chronicles.

Here is where you'll get system notes and other assorted drek from the editors. Drek, for those yiddishly un-inclined, means crap... and system notes are generally drek anyways.