The Scowl Awards

We spend a lot of time surfing the web... hours on top of hours each day. Most of the time, we frequent the same sites over and over, as we are creatures of habit. Hell, we go to the same bar week in and week out... we go to the same restaurants, the same stores... if we could schedule our breathing, we would. Rut is quickly becoming our middle name!

But sometimes, we actually get this craving to search out other sites. Usually we go to our favorite sites and start branching out from their links page. Sometimes we just check our referrer logs and see what sites are linking to us these days and start surfing from there. Regardless of how we do it, occasionally we stumble upon new sites that just grab between our legs and make us cough.

In an attempt to recognize these sites, we are creating the

Scowl, Nu? Site of the Moment

How do you get the Site of the Moment award? Well, you can't just apply for it. If we find a site that we fall in love with, we'll award you the Site of the Moment award. Of course, you can always email us and we'll take a look at your site.

Our review process is very informal. Usually it consists of one of either Janet or Avery (us Scowlers) sending an email (or Compuserve Instant Messenger message or phone call) saying "Hey, you have to check out this site... it almost made me pee in my pants." So, the other one will check it out as well. If we both are really taken at that moment with the site, we'll give out the award.

As you can guess, the award is not given out on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Some days we might award 2 sites... then we might not award one for a month. That's just the way that the award works!

So, here are our Sites of the Moment:

9/16/98 - Squishy
Pamie, proprietoress of Squishy, runs one of those sites that just makes you say "Who cares if it is on GeoCities... it's still worth visiting!" This is one of those sites which we make a point of checking every day.

9/29/98 -
Sally, a fellow RENT (the musical) head's co-workers at LinkExchange put up this tribute site. is one of the most innovative sites that we have ever seen. Now, if only the creators' talents could be used for good...
<12/28/98 - The Link is Dead, Jim.>

9/29/98 - Slappyjack
Slappyjack... sort of like Scowl in Denver. Read it.