Why ScowlZine?

Intro by Avery

In 1998, we created Scowl, Nu? to provide a forum where Janet and I could vent about what was going on in our life. As the site's popularity grew, we realised that there were a number of talented writers out there who also shared our scowly vision.

So, we installed message boards on Scowl, Nu?, hoping that it would create a truly interactive forum where we could help develop the next batch of truly scowly writers. Unfortunately, the message board idea just sort of fizzled out.

However, the idea of creating a version of Scowl, Nu? with writers other than the two of us was still intriguing, and in early 1999, we started the machinations to create a Scowl, Nu? Zine section where we would have guest entries from friends and colleagues who had something to get off of their chests.

But everything changed when we decided to relocate back to Hartford, CT from San Francisco.

Hartford, one of the most underrated cities in the United States suffers from an image problem... and after the whole New England Patriots loss, the city has become the laughing stock of the East.

Now, ScowlZine has a new charter: to show the rest of the world that there actually is something interesting in the Hartford area.

Don't worry, even though this zine has a pro-Hartford vibe about it, you'll still see the sort of writing that you would expect from a Scowl, Nu? spawned site... you'll get reports about the good, the bad and the insanely stupid things that comprise life in New England.