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Avery Glasser, Co-Creator and Editor: Returning to his home land of Hartford, CT after a five year exile in San Francisco, Avery Glasser, co-creator of Scowl, Nu? has decided to throw his hat back in the editorial ring by creating ScowlZine.
Janet Glasser, Co-Creator: The other half of Scowl, Nu?, Janet jumps into the content side of ScowlZine. A Connecticut native, she defends and dissects local life in her regular column.

Bruce Alexander: In the course of having to work, he has promoted hotel chains like Sonesta, Hilton, Sheraton and Dunfey, dozens of restaurants, Virginia Slims (the weed for women) and the Tobacco Institute (the lobby for weeds) only because they paid him an obscene fee back then (he does not smoke cigs, but he is for sale) and other accounts including AVON Products and the Wildweeds, a now-defunct rock band, just to keep the world on their toes and tuned-in.

The Hartford Courant saluted his letters to the editor writing prowess ("for letters selected by a panel of judges as being the year's best -- in terms of writing, timeliness and a fresh viewpoint") and they presented him with a golden desk pen and some kind of acrylic thing with their logo on it.

So he sells products and pushes news directors to run stories about his clients, has designed packaging, developed new products, increased some companies sales volumes 30 to 35% per year, and got some citations for public speaking. He was hired to run a 23 nation European water skiing event on the Black Sea in Soviet Georgia--until Gorbachev moved an army into the region, quelling (unsuccessfully, as it turned out) a rebellion against Communist rule ("Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall !") which in the process killed off any sporting events dependent upon tourism. ("Mr. Reagan, chill that rhetoric 'til BHA pulls off this event!")

A world traveler, he rates southern Thailand's food/people/beaches as the "el primo", and then the sleazy gambling in Macau as number two, and he often goes to Scotland to wield brassie, niblick and lofter over their links. The Hartford Marathon Foundation recently presented him with an authentic St. Andrews mashie for volunteer work he has done for the Aetna US Healthcare Greater Hartford Marathon over the past several years.

He's traveled to Africa, China, most of Europe, Mexico, all 50 US states, Central America, Caribbean islands (Port au Prince is particularly low life but is fabulous too--great art and fine music), India, and let us all share his hope that Fidel Castro and the US State Department will sanction his run to Havana before the American capitalists get their mitts on it and turn it into Disneyland. (post-Generalissimo, of course) The southern Venezuelan rain forest needs a visit soon, as well.

His email name: realbha. BHA is also used to describe a food additive. However, Bruce continues to believe he is the real BHA.

Jim Covaleski: I'm 35, happily married, and the father of the cutest two year old boy you've ever seen. REALLY! I have pictures!!! I work as a UNIX Admin for a major Insurance Company. In my spare time I watch TV, amuse Jeff (the aforementioned cutest boy alive), surf the Web, and generally get in my wife's way. Musically, I'll listen to NEARLY anything. I like the occasional cigar, good beer, better scotch, and anything containing caffeine. I'm a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and a HUGE UCONN Husky-maniac! Anything else you need to know ?
Chris Ravlin: I'm a 35 year old Yankee. I have been blissfully married for 11 years, and am a home and small business owner. That makes me an over opinionated, dour, libertarian who thankfully is right far more than he is wrong (or left!). I enjoy beer and esoteric mathematics... a combination I am sure will one day open the secrets of the universe (I only hope I am sober enough to see it). I own three hobby / comic stores here in Central CT. No Kids but two dogs and two cats.
Carlos Rubinstein: This is me getting drunk with Avery (see his hand in the picture?). To find out what makes me drink, read my column.
Spijder aka Patricia Taber: A little about myself, I'm Pagan, 28 and pushing 30 (as far off as I can stall it) married for 9 years and a mom for 8. With an exaggerated spacing of 7 years between my two daughters, I am freshly versed with both the 'babble' and the 'but all my friends at school have one!' stages of raising children... okay maybe they're both babble ;p I consider myself a 'kewl' mom, I'm a writer/artist, music groupie married to my favorite local, long haired lead guitarist. I'm also a computer geek and an avid comic book fan.
Frank "BuddyBlak" Marcopolos: I ain't no handyman and I suck at basketball. I've used this line on many chicks in many bars in many states over the years, to varying degrees of success. One woman said, simply, "Prove it." An hour later I was in her bed, dribbling all over the place and not-so-adroitly maneuvering my tool. And then there was the time a girl socked me. No, wait -- that was 2, no 3, well, whatever. Some chicks can pack quite a wallop.
Most chicks simply ignore the comment, but give me this look. A look that I know means, "I want you so bad, you hot stud-muffin you." Well, I've asked a couple of 'em, and it actually turns out to mean, "Leave me alone, you dim freak," but that's what I tell myself it means. No sense in losing every ounce of self-confidence.
Ray, the friendly barkeep at my local tavern, he helps me point 'em out -- ones he thinks will be most receptive to my "rap." I think he does shots while he works, 'cause it's odd -- the ones he points out usually end up having a killer right hook. He's a sympathetic chap, though. Usually buys me a shot after I've taken one to the jaw. Snickers a lot behind the bar too, I've noticed, but everyone's got their idiosyncrasies. And mine are too many to mention here.
Holly Stage: A new addition to ScowlZine, Holly has been tapped to write Sugar Junkies: a review of candy, junk food and everything else to tickle your sweet tooth.
Staff Cartoonist
Sean Simmans: Manitoba-born cartoonist. Lives at the northern edge of the civilized world. Married with 2 children. Still eats red meat, but only when it's cooked.

Staff Intern

Natalie is ScowlZine's intern for the Summer of 2000. She will be tackling a whole host of issues, and has graciously agreed to fill the long vacant sex advice column.

Natalie "Ash" Ochman: I grew up in Branford, CT, graduated from Branford High School and headed out to Syracuse, New York in the summer of 1997. I am now 21 years old and go to Syracuse University where I major in magazine journalism and minor in psychology. I used to work in food service but gave it up after the monotony threatened to deaden what few precious brain cells I have left.
I have just finished my third year of college and am back home in Branford. My dream is to one day write for RAW magazine or Maxim. I love wrestling, 80's horror movies, and early Steven King novels. Writing is my passion and I hope that I can do it well enough to touch at least a handful of people before I die.

Are you having trouble trying to figure out how to insert tab A into slot B? Send your sex questions to

Licenced Permittee and Supplier of Beverages
Nick Conti: Hey there! So you want more? I am 26 and I have my own little business (Yes ladies, I am single! And yes, you should wonder why). I like to drink (wine/beer/gin&tonic). I am into all sports (even soccer, I guess). Fears: success/failure, large chested women, small chested women, and people with no sense of humor. Likes: run on sentences, billiards, some of my fears and basic babbling. I would like nothing more than to do naughty things to the toys of all the people that think life is about dying with the most toys.
Occasional Contributors

David "Darwin" Badurina: I'm opinionated. I have an abnormal fascination and reverence for Cheese. I find flatulence hilarious; sarcasm, glorious. Melting ants should be an Olympic sport.
Yes, I'd love some lithium, thank you. Don't tell me how to live my life -- I have no PLATYPUS!
Spank me, I've been naughty. Did I mention my abnormal fascination and reverence for Cheese? I like to rant. If I were a tree, I'd be a tree. Cheese, cheese, cheese, for I am the Lord Gouda. I use the word 'retard' alot too. Brought my invisible friend, is that okay?

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