The Hostile Gourmet

You you're looking for somewhere good to eat... hell, so are we!

In the true style of both Scowl, Nu? and ScowlZine, we're throwing our collective hats into the restaurant reviewing arena... and it's about time, because the new reviewers at both the Hartford Courant and the Hartford Advocate just can't seem to get it right half of the time!

In the Hostile Gourmet, we pledge this: no punches will be pulled, no entrees will be untasted and no water glasses will be left dry.

Allez Cuisine!

The Reviews

Green Tea
9/12/99 - Dim Sum in Farmington (Avery Glasser)

A Dong Supermarket
9/12/99 - I'll take a durian, three jars of sambal... (Avery Glasser)

City Steam Brewery Cafe
8/30/99 - Service with a smile. (Janet Glasser)

8/22/99 - Steamed What??!!?? (Avery Glasser)

A round-up of West Hartford coffee shops
8/22/99 - And they said that Seattle was the coffee capitol of the world... (Avery Glasser)

Coyote Flaco
8/22/99 - Finally! A Taqueria in Hartford! (Avery Glasser)

Max Downtown
8/10/99 - I'm in heaven... (Avery Glasser)

Peppercorn's Grill
8/3/99 - Uh... is this what I ordered? (Janet Glasser)

Abbot's Lobster in the Rough
8/1/99 - 70 tons of lobster every year can't be wrong... (Avery Glasser)

Reviews from Scowl, Nu?

Osaka Sushi/Fuji Sushi
6/17/99 - a pair of local sushi restaurant reviews (Avery Glasser)

Civic Cafe on Trumbull
7/18/99 - a Well-Rated Fusion Restaurant in Downtown Hartford (Avery Glasser)