Home Sweet Sweat Home


It all started one day when my boyfriend of two years, Louis, casually said, Holl, instead of renting, why don't we buy a house? We had been neighbors for the past couple of years (actually, that's how we met). And were planning on moving in together in the next couple of months. So, why not buy a house, instead of rent? I know, I know, what about the ring? Unfortunately, I am not a traditional kind of person, or even all that sentimental. Personally, I think buying a house together signifies a lot more whether we were engaged, married or not, (and hey, buying a house has to be a bit less stressful, then say, planning a wedding, especially since I was born and raised in the Chicago Suburbs, hence, the family involvement. Need I say more?) And so, our search for the perfect house began...

Louis and I are both very stubborn, and hard-headed, which usually makes the decision-making a tough process for us. The one thing we did happen to agree on was a style of house we wanted. (Thank God!!). If we hadn't agreed on that, we would probably still be renting. We wanted a Colonial with a big yard. With that in mind, he contacted a real estate agent, and I went to the bookstore. Where I picked up a couple of books to start our research. Home Buying and Mortgages for Dummies, I highly recommend these books for anyone is starting to even consider buying a house. Every night we read those books, then on the weekends we would go looking at the houses and putting our new knowledge to use. In a short time, other people really thought we knew a lot.

About one and half to two months into our search we found our house. The minute we walked in we knew this was the one. Of course, we only got half way through the books, so maybe we shouldn't be going on the fact we both got good vibes when we walked in.

We are now responsible, stay at home, on a budget, trying to get used to the amount of work involved, homeowners. We love the house. We love living together (Actually, it really feels like nothing has changed, except we don't have to argue over who's house we're staying at anymore). There is a lot more work involved when you own than when you rent. Even if you have the money to go out, you don't want to because there is always something that needs to be done around the house. Of course, Mother Nature has a way of making sure we have a little extra to do as well. I am forever waiting for this winter to be over with. It seems every other day we are shoveling the driveway, (yes, shoveling, and for those of you who have snow-blowers, and have forgotten what it is:

Shoveling: Taking a Stick with a big scooper at the end. Then, in a manual process, a person pushes the stick, scoops up snow with the scooper and places it along side the driveway.)

Right now we are currently working on stripping wallpaper and re-painting. This is the part we just don't seem to agree on. For example: one of our bathrooms has already been re-painted three times, and is going on it's fourth makeover. I think I might just have to give in soon. I really want to get the toilet out of the garage and back where it belongs. These things in the long run though, I have to admit, gives a sense of pride. So all the work does pay off. And, it is fun... Though I will never admit this to Louis. So Shhh.

Through all these changes, the one thing I hadn't mentioned is my cat, Mac. We have all been going through an adjustment period over the month we have lived here. Louis and I have adjusted very well. Mac is another story. He has issues and flat out refuses to come upstairs. It's not only the move to the new house, but he really doesn't care too much for Louis. Maybe this will be a topic in another issue. For now, Mac is our biggest challenge, and I am over due to climb under the stairs and pull him out to try to get him acquainted to the new surroundings.

Til next time: Don't try peeling wallpaper in a 6' X 8' with more than two people in that small of a proximity. If you can help it, try doing it with only one person in that small of space.

This advice comes from four people in that size of room all taking down wallpaper. The results: re-sheet-rocking.