Sugar Junkies:


Candy/Sweet Tip #1: If you are taking candy into a meeting, open the wrapper prior to the meeting starting, especially if you are sitting near the teleconferencing equipment.

Candy/ Sweet of the Week: Peanut M&M's This week I happen to be craving Peanut M&M's. This is most baffling to me since I have never really liked Peanut M&M's. Call me boring, my personal choice is the Plain M&M. I have no explanation for the cravings I have been having for the Peanut M&M. The only thing I can think that may have caused this transition is that I happen to be at a 7 year change. (You know, when every 7 years your cells reconstruct themselves and you find you like things that before you couldn't even gag down. Example: Mushrooms! But that is another story).

This Column's Topic: Which is the better candy to take into a meeting: The Peanut M&M vs The Plain M&M.

Let's do a comparison:

The Plain M&M: The crunchy candy shell over the smooth milk chocolate. They do not require much in the chewing department. You can keep these in your mouth until they melt on their own, extending your time to thoroughly enjoy. I also found these to be the best choice to take to meetings.

The Peanut M&M: Same crunchy candy shell, same smooth milk chocolate, all over a peanut. Now, you can still keep these in your mouth until the candy shell and the chocolate melt. Then you're stuck with a plain peanut that you must chew. I do find that chewing the Peanut M&M in it's entirety is the way to go for taste, and texture. The other quality is it takes care of both the salt and sugar cravings in one shot. (Girls, you know what I am talking about. Tip: A more cost efficient way to zap those cravings!)

Say you are basking in your chocolate glory, with your M&M on your tongue melting, the sweet taste lingering. All of a sudden you hear your name. You must reply. With the slightest of pause, while you move your M&M off of your tongue and to the side of your mouth, you speak and no one is the wiser of the chocolate splendor. The Plain M&M's are smaller, allowing you to be interrupted while enjoying your chocolate with minimal "wait 'til I get done chewing" time. Now let's see what happens if we were eating the Peanut M&M. You have just put a Peanut M&M into your mouth; you're choosing the best teeth to do the chomping job. All of a sudden you hear your name. You must reply. You start chewing quickly. Everyone is looking at you. The silence is deafening. You raise your hand with the pointer finger extended to indicate you will be a second. You swallow the candy, and realize you really need a drink (got milk?). You are finally able to respond to the question directed at you. You have wasted everyone's precious time and you still didn't get to enjoy your Peanut M&M. Gee, I hope that wasn't the last one in the bag!