The Barfly Life

The Barfly Chronicles - Hartford (Last Updated:9/30/99)
We went from being barflies in San Francisco to being barflies in Hartford, which is difficult as the bar culture here is much more sedate than in SF. Still, we're giving it a go... and the bar we have selected to call home is called The Spigot in Hartford, CT. Here are the tales of your ever-lovable barflies as we get used to our new surroundings...

The Northeastern Beer Reviews (Last Updated:9/6/99)
Since we now have hundreds of new local brews to sample, we figured that Scowl should have a section dedicated to beer reviews so you don't have to muddle through the Barfly Chronicles just to get advice on a good beer.

The Barfly Chronicles - The Toronado (Closed: 6/14/99)
For the last five years, we have been regulars at one of the best beer bars in the country: The Toronado. This is one of the only places that we'll miss now that we're leaving San Francisco. The Barfly Chronicles aren't over... but our tales of the Toronado, unfortunately, are.