The Ghetto Wine Reviews

For those of us with Petrus taste and Piel's pockets, ScowlZine introduces The Ghetto Wine Reviews. Every issue you will find a hidden (or not so hidden) and extremely affordable bottle of wine or two that can be picked up at your local liquor store.

Charmard 1997 Estate Reserve Chardonnay Entry Date: 5/22/00 (Nick Conti)

Elsa 1998 Malbec Entry Date: 5/1/00 (Nick Conti)

Blackstone 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon Entry Date: 5/1/00 (Nick Conti)

McPherson 1999 Chardonnay Entry Date: 5/1/00 (Frank Marcopolos)

Laurel Glen 1996 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon Entry Date: 4/10/00 (Nick Conti)

Glen Carlou 1998 Paarl Chardonnay Entry Date: 4/10/00 (Nick Conti)

Duck Walk Vineyards Chardonnay Entry Date: 4/10/00 (Frank Marcopolos)

Gallo of Sonoma 1996 Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley Frei Ranch Vineyard Entry Date: 3/11/00 (Nick Conti)

Ernest and Julio Gallo, Non-Vintage California Cabernet Sauvignon Entry Date: 3/11/00 (Frank Marcopolos)

Martin Ray 1997 Pinot Noir La Montana Entry Date: 3/11/00 (Nick Conti)

Beringer Vineyards 1998 White Zinfandel Napa Valley Entry Date: 2/21/00 (Frank Marcopolos)