NIMBY is one of those great Political Science terms for those of you who have any interest in the area. NIMBY means "Not In My Back Yard". People usually scream NIMBY when some politician or government tries to re-zone a residential area to add commericial businesses. Sometimes, people scream NIMBY to protest the opening of a Burger King in the middle of a neighborhood square or to stop a housing project from opening down the street. Usually, people scream NIMBY because whatever is being planned lowers their property value.

I'm screaming NIMBY for a completely different reason.

I'm screaming NIMBY to the touristization and the homogenization of the Lower Haight. The Lower Haight is a great neighborhood, with tons of character, local bars and resturants. It's becoming a tourist trap... designed to serve out of towners and people from Snob Hill and the Marina. It's happened before, we lost the Castro to the tourists, we lost Haight/Ashbury (no great loss) to the tourists, and we are about to lose the Lower Haight as well.

We need to protest the loss of another neighborhood to the tourists.

The grid below lists pages which have information on the struggle to save the Lower Haight

Don't Forget to check out the Lower Haight Resource Guide

Good Neighborhood Things

Bad Neighborhood Things

Date Contents Date Contents
Constantly Updated New Haight Street Developments Constantly Updated New Haight Street Developments
    3.1.98 A brief history of the Touristization of the Lower Haight
    3.10.98 A Rant about the Grey Line (From the RANT pages)

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