The Great New England Beer Reviews

In this section, you can find information on beers currently available in Connecticut Bars...

Boon, Belgium (Last Updated 4/10/00)

Lefebre/Abbaye de Floreffe, Belgium (Last Updated 4/10/00)

Brasserie Fantome, Belgium (Last Updated 4/10/00)

Belhaven, Scotland (Last Updated 1/17/00)

Cantillon, Belgium (Last Updated 1/17/00)

Schierlinger, Germany (Last Updated 1/17/00)

Rodenbach, Belgium (Last Updated 1/17/00)

Moinette, Belgium (Last Updated 1/17/00)

Brooklyn Brewing, Brooklyn NY (Last Updated 1/17/00)

Abbaye de St. Sylvestre, France (Last Updated 1/17/00)

Interbrew, Belgium (Last Updated 12/27/99)

Corsendonk, Belgium (Last Updated 12/27/99)

Brouwerij de Smedt/Affligem, Belgium (Last Updated 12/27/99)

Old Saddleback, Pittsfield, MA (Last Updated 11/22/99)

Paper City Brewery, Holyoke, MA (Last Updated 11/22/99)

North Coast Brewing, Mendocino County, CA (Last Updated 11/2299)

Turnbridge Brewing, Vermont (Last Updated 10/6/99)

Trout Brook Brewery, Hartford, CT (Last Updated 9/6/99)

City Steam Brewery Cafe Hartford, CT (Last Updated 8/29/99)

Hartford Brewing Company, LLC. Hartford, CT (Last Updated 7/18/99)

Magic Hat Brewing Company, Vermont (Last Updated: 6/12/99)

Wurzburg Hof Brau, Germany (Last Updated: 9/10/99)

Cotrell's Old Yankee Ale, Pawcatuck CT (Last Updated: 6/12/99)

From the Great North Eastern Brewers Festival:
North East Brewing Company, Mass (Last Updated: 6/23/99)

Brewery Ommegang, NY (Last Updated: 7/7/99)